Nov. 6th, 2012 01:47 am
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I dont even know about titles anymore, it just makes it easier to click on. \o/

So, I participated in a sastiel Halloween contest? I have no idea what was going on, just that it was ending in about 4hours and had very little entries.

And GISHWHES happened this year, i didnt participate because of reasons, but would love to do it next year when i actually have the funds and means to participate. i dont care what misha says, this stuff is HARD to get, even through donations. At a recent GISHWHES gathering in Vancouver, Misha was seen bundled up in blues and greys and looking like a hobo. Hobo Chic. So, I doodled. And so did the rest of the fandom apparently LOL 
Thats it for me! 


Dec. 1st, 2011 02:04 am
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Drawn for Team 21
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So, I've been unemployed since Oct 29th and can i just say, that it's been an amazing, stress-free week ever? i mean, seriously. between the fights with my mother, the lack of money, plus bank closings and other shit that i'm glad i'm not dealing with anymore, i'm happy to be out of it for the moment. I may not have income, but i'm finding it relaxing and theraputic to be just cleaning the house, cleaning out my car, my closet, yardwork. to actually get down and dirty and see something accomplished rather than just count out money in amounts that will never be yours.

cause i mean seriously, seeing over $160,000 on a daily basis is pretty damn depressing. it really is. especially when you got paid $7.52 for under 40 hours. Yea.

Anyway, fun stuff is being done. Me and my sister, along with christine and a few other girls from around the US, are going to be participating in an international scavenger hunt, to break and make a world record.

there's gonna be 500 teams, so, we're not guarenteed the teammates we requested. but, if we are, and we get all the people listed already, its a strong team. i'm really amped for this. it feels like a creative experiment with art. and i must say, this is the one time i'm happy i kept my books from art history.

winner of the scavenger hunt? a round-trip ticket to Rome, to have dinner with Misha Collins. Rome is a beautiful city, Gina keeps telling me that I need to visit one day. She loved the time she spent there, and if i can be in the winning team, and visit the place where art and history are everywhere and ohgod, i would be happy for the rest of my life. i've seen Gina's pictures from her time there, and shit. i want to visit. so bad. i would love to win this.


Walking Dead, FUCKING AMAZING. Each new twist is perfect and i'm starting to see bits of the comic start to bleed in, and i'm going, "you know what, they did a good job with this show." and the gore level is amped up even more. This week's zombie kill had me going "OHMYGOD. OH..OH NO. Oh no no no." This isn't a show to be eating and watching LOL.

Hell on Wheels. I've said this on tumblr, but, it didn't quite catch my attention. The fight scenes did, which was something nice. I think i need to rewatch it, or give it a few more episodes. I feel like this is a slow start to a good series. AMC, you impress me.

Dexter. This season, by far, is the best one since the Trinity Killer. I'm on the edge of my seat every episode, and I love it. It's the old Dexter, its the kills, and the theme of the whole season has me completley. I'm just about to settle in and watch this past Sunday's episode. According to my dad's text, its a very very very very good one. (i still have to finish reading Dearly Devoted Dexter. I have the time now, so yay!)

Supernatural. Okay, I'm watching this along with fandom, and can i just say, its refreshing to watch somethng current with fandom? I was caught up by the time the season started, I felt heartbroken about what they did to Castiel, and its feeling all very Season 1 and 2 right now. The kills are getting gory and lots of blood everywhere. I dont think i remember that much in the previous seasons. i already have my favorites, and i'm doing a very good job at staying away from spoilers.

Grimm. I saw the first two episodes today, and i am very very interested in this show. it reminds me of Charmed and the whole 'coming into the family buisness' (pff, actually, that would be EVERY show you watch cathy. geeze.) except its with cops. so, if supernatural and charmed and castle had a baby, it seems like Grimm would be it. my mom seems to like it very much, so i think fridays after Supernatural are going to be very interesting

i promise to be more active here on DW and on LJ (LiveJournal friends! Thank you so much for not kicking me off your list! i still read your entries! ;A; especially my Star Trek lovelies, you all are a dedicated bunch ♥ )

Also, can i just say, that jenny is the cutest person ever and i need to visit australia at some point to just squeeze and dlskajflakf with her? :D i had gotten a cute little side purse(shoulder purse? satchel?) and i use it every day and just alkdjalkjf i love it.

i think my zombie dreams are pretty logical by now LOLOL

okay, off to watch Dexter. LOVE YOU ALL


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