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long time no update, wow. 

well, its October and the year is coming to an end, and i'm moving towards new things once again. Since the beginning of the year, me and my dad have lived in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment here in Austin. And while the place is nice and OK, back in Feb, there was a fire that burned down the building behind us, so for the past two months, demolishion and construction and outdoor improvements have been happening. 

Sounds good right? Well, not for us. You see, me and my dad work the 3rd shift, (graveyard) so during the day when all of these renovations and building are going on, we're just getting home and trying to get some sleep. Earplugs can only go so far. So, we've been apartment hunting the past months and we came across a little community down the road from where we live. Its tucked away and quiet and the whole living area feels so much better than the place we're in now. 

I know im making it sound like its a horrible place to live, its not. Its perfect for a couple just starting out, or a student just starting out. But long term? nope. 

Anyway, we found these apartments, and we're really looking into leasing with them for a year, and see how it works out. Because the plan would be, once my dad is tired of working, he's moving back home, and im staying with the apartment. And he wants to make sure that I can afford to keep living there on my own. (And if i want, move into a one bedroom) How will all of this happen? well, im currently going through background checks and drug testing to work as a temp-to-hire for Hospira, the company that my dad works for. 
its a pharmaceutical plant where they manufacturer and  make the solution and IV bags to be shipped out to hospitals all over the world. 

Its a job with better hours, better pay, and thats whats going to help me get further and save more money to do things i want to do. 

Speaking of things i want to do, with this new job, i'll be paying he difference on the rent, picking up bills, and of course, saving up for a new car, and a plane ticket to see melissa in april. im really shooting for her birthday, so that gives me April of next year. and perhaps stay for 4 days. 

so im going to start budgeting things again, and i want to stay on top of things and not be broke anymore. 
but yea, lots of things that are going to happen over the next few months and im excited. 
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 So many pretty icons to find and use ~~ 

anyway, i got my first paycheck and while its been a long time since ive gotten a paycheck, it still feels meh because i just spent a good bit on gas and then another to payback my mom for the things shes paid for me. grumble grumble

but, im also putting aside money for when i have friends over. melissa will be visiting me for the first time in august, and we're going to spend a day in san antonio at Six flags, enjoying the park and rides and such. its been forever since ive been there, so its going to be nice to see the place again. 

but, i am thinking of doing commissions, just to have maybe something come in extra. (the other option is to get a second job that gives me the same flexability as this job, but i doubt i'll be that lucky. 

also, in other news, dont let me near phones and water omg. ive dropped mine in water twice already and its just so adfasjl
i cant remember what big bangs i signed up for either, and wow this entry is just all over the place. 

but, you know what. ive been thinking about splurging a little more, to see how much the star trek AOS audio book costs. just to have that to listen to while i work. 8) 
its either that or the porn i have but yea, audiobook might be safer. 

but there are a few purchases i want to get eventually, and thats a new starfleet science badge because my old one lost a peg so im scared about wearing all the time since its on my belt 24/7 (linking for future reference because like fuck am i going to pay 30 bucks for this.) 

anyway, time for bed, i need sleep!


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