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I got tagged by [ profile] tsuminoaru with the prompt: Sweet things in life

sweet thin gs
we balance each other aahaha
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LJ told me that it wa [ profile] tsuminoaru's birthday today.  happy birthday! 

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Well, i finally got internet last night, so I'm very happy because I had just used up all the high speed on my phone aahah OTL

anyway, i doodled while i was offline. 

Dwarves, Destiel Blowjobs and Sastiel )
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Hopefully that plays okay. Anyway, that was what my camera managed to capture while the town set off fireworks :D This year was very exciting and there was lots of celebrating going on. But because of recent things going on, we didn't get to buy the big fireworks like we usually do ahaha. Oh well. I'm sad this wasn't clear, but oh well. 

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I can finally post this! Happy Christmas everyone :') Hope yours was a good one! 
(i'll edit this later because im being called elsewhere) 


made for the dcss, then made for melissa, then given to everyone to share. 
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Can i just say that i loved this story?! I signed up last min to the wincestiel big bang because i don't know any better :P I got the lovely [ profile] winnywriter as my author and i dove into reading this 40k monster of a fic, Something Worth Protecting
illustrations, sketches and dividers below! )
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I signed up for the [ profile] sassy_minibang this year, and i got to work with the wonderful [ profile] lies_unfurl! These illustrations came so easily that I just couldn't believe I had finished ahead of schedule and I couldn't wait for the posting date. I hope you enjoy!
Fic Master Post: Christmas Dreams by [ profile] lies_unfurl

Christmas Dreams Illustrations )
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Holidays are in full swing and I love it. 

and because [ profile] tsuminoaru cant draw fluff. 



Dec. 6th, 2012 04:57 pm
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Cas likes to ride on top of the Impala because it gives him more space to spread his wings. The backseat is cozy, but he likes to feel the wind in his face and it feels like he's flying because Dean never follows the speed limit. 
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i wanted to draw last night, instead i managed to doodle. still productive! 



Dec. 1st, 2012 02:13 pm
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i was feeling bad last night, so i doodled to make myself feel a bit better. :') So have some castiels and a random Jack Frost
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buuuhh LJ i didnt want your new posting page. 
anyway, i saw Rise of the Guardians and it was such a gorgeous film. I want to draw everything now. Also, the recent episode of SPN was amazing. Also, i dont think i'll ever get out of drawing stupidly domestic things. I just love it okay. And i really love the idea of castiel/misha working in a cute little coffee shop place. 

coffee shop 

Coffee Shop Destiel AU:

I Like You (Like Me) by Carmexgirl 
Croissant ficlet by tiptoe39 
My Usual by Mysteroo 
White Winter Hymnal by newbluemoon (favorite coffee shop au)
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I got the chance to work with the ever wonderful [ profile] moonbeamdancer for the [ profile] spn_reversebang
I had such a joy reading the drafts as it came in, and the challenge of it all. 


Original Challenge Picture:

Other banners and dividers )

When It Rains, It Pours by [ profile] moonbeamdancer 

Thank you! 
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pumpkin pie

Pictures!  )

:DDD And i have enough to make a few more actually LOL God they were so so good sob sob. This is the recipe I used to make the pies: Homemade pumpkin pies NGL, i suprised myself at how much i enjoyed making this. 
You might have to adjust the recipe as it fits btw :DD 


Nov. 9th, 2012 01:30 pm
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guess who drew porn \o/ i was going to include a little drawing of Joan Watson, but Im going to save that for another post. ahaha. 

Drew this for 250+ followers on tumblr. I know its not a lot, but i have never had so many people follow my stuff so its a little bit of a surprise and everything ;u; 

So, I drew thank you porn. 

dick under the cut and anal beads. HIDES FOREVER )


Nov. 6th, 2012 01:47 am
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I dont even know about titles anymore, it just makes it easier to click on. \o/

So, I participated in a sastiel Halloween contest? I have no idea what was going on, just that it was ending in about 4hours and had very little entries.

And GISHWHES happened this year, i didnt participate because of reasons, but would love to do it next year when i actually have the funds and means to participate. i dont care what misha says, this stuff is HARD to get, even through donations. At a recent GISHWHES gathering in Vancouver, Misha was seen bundled up in blues and greys and looking like a hobo. Hobo Chic. So, I doodled. And so did the rest of the fandom apparently LOL 
Thats it for me! 

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This was my first Big Bang, and I had a lot of fun working with [ profile] crowleysfoliage on this. Calvin and Hobbes is one of my favorite things ever, so doing this was a real joy.

Fic Masterpost on AO3 

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fuck oats

i found some oatmeal in the cabinet recently, and well, turns out, i forgot that i really, really, really dont like oatmeal. I couldn't finish my bowl OTL 


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