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I think its about time I post something happy, right? Anyway, if there's one thing I love doing, its making things. I love to paint, yes, but MAKING things is what I really really like doing.

[IMAGE HEAVY] Mini Loli-esque top hats  )

I've been working on this whenever I get a chance, and have been photographing the progress. I want to make a tutorial for making a simple Keyblade because when I posted my Pumpkin Head Keyblade on deviantART a few years ago, a common question was how I made it. There are many keyblades out there that are custom made from metal and wood, and while those are pretty awesome, not everyone can make one of those, or commission one. My keyblades are made from sturdy cardboard, been re-enforced and hand painted. So they're light (and will probably pass most weapons policies that conventions have)

Oathkeeper Keyblade [ROXAS][IMAGE HEAVY] Progress photos. )

My weekend

Sep. 20th, 2010 03:50 pm
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My weekend pretty much sucked. So, after doing the whole interviews and such the next day, I came down with a cold. Now, I'm stupidly easy at getting very sick. I think I have a weak immune system or something because damn. My first interaction with total strangers, and I catch something.

Anywho, I was pretty much asleep and sore and couldn't breathe all damn weekend. In the few hours I did manage to stay up, I chatted with Stuffed-Fox and Christine. I've been playing 358/2 Days on the emulator and it's so much fun. And Neverland being a playable stage? OMG SO MUCH FUN. SADLY THOUGH, I forgot to save last night and this morning I woke up to a dark laptop and the game frozen >< SO now, I'm BACK on day 172, which means I gotta beat that stupid machine at Beasts Castle and then go back to Neverland once again. BOOO.

Well, gotta cut this entry short because I need to pick up my sister and then drive out to Weslaco to pay my car, and then, go to the band hall to drop off adam for practice. UGH. I hope I have enough gas ):

EDIT: Yea, I didn't have enough gas. I just -barely- made it back home ): I can't wait to finish paying off this car (which now has a balance of less than 1000~ ♥ I'm so happy! Because, once I pay off the car, then I'll have money to actually save to visit friends! :) So now, I'm off again to meet my mom at Stripes to gas up while she takes my brother to band practice. xD )
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And now I am major sadface and everything. Anyway, while the battery charges, Here's something I completed the other night.

I'm going to miss these boxes. XD These are orders for Stuffed Fox

Kingdom Hearts Stuff :D  )
The post lady said the drawings were super cute :D also, filling out custom forms are a pain. hopefully Stuffed Fox will get the packages just fine <3 


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